Pavement Marking
for Road Construction Companies

Pavement Marking
for Road Construction Companies

American Striping is a Colorado pavement marking company and parking lot. We apply, remove, install, and upgrade paint jobs, stencils, striping, lines, traffic posts, and other signage.

Our team members have been in this business for decades. We know the laws, know the challenges, and know how to finish a quality job. We have worked with countless construction companies and road crews, handling budgets from $200 to $4 million. Whether your project is large, small, permanent, or temporary, ask us about how we can help when you contact us for a free estimate.

American Striping is the Colorado construction industry’s one-stop-shop for all things pavement. Some of the products and services we offer are listed below.

Temporary Pavement Markings Safely redirect the flow of traffic in a road construction zone while road work is underway.

Reflective Markings Reflective markings are perfect for overnight and 24-hour construction projects due to their high visibility.

Recessed Markings Recessed markings stand up to wear-and-tear from snow plow contact in Colorado’s harsh winter weather.

Custom Stencils, Logos, and Designs Our specialty painters can create customized designs by hand, or use hundreds of different stencils to help you organize your parking lot, improve safety on the premises, and ensure compliance with accessibility laws.

Parking Lot Marking Removal Unsightly, obsolete, or confusing markings should be removed and replaced to lower the risk of an accident, while polishing your company’s appearance.

Parking Lot Striping and Painting We provide a wide range of stripes, lines, and other markings for small, mid-size, and large parking lots.

Signs, Stands, and Traffic Posts Flexible sign posts reduce damage and save costs when a parking lot accident occurs. Traffic signs can also help neatly direct the flow of traffic through your parking area.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry: we’ll handle every detail from start to finish. We’ll consult you on cost-efficient materials for your project, handle all zoning or compliance-related issues, and provide discounts for new customers who need parking lot striping or restriping services. We’re so confident, we’ll even back our pavement marking services with warranties against most damage.

Find out why we’re the preferred pavement marking business for construction companies all over Colorado. Contact us today for your free project estimate.

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