Permanent Pavement
Painting & Markings

Permanent Pavement
Painting & Markings

American Striping can quickly complete your residential or commercial pavement marking project. Our goal is to make sure your project is finished on time and under budget with professionalism, courtesy, and attention to detail.

Our pavement marking specialists combine over 70 years of experience creating permanent lines, stripes, dashes, crosswalks, and other markings for roads and highways. We can even provide our own traffic control services to redirect traffic while painting is in progress. And with flexible weekend and evening availability, what could be more convenient?

Paint vs. Epoxy for Permanent Pavement Painting

You have a few options when selecting materials for permanent pavement markings. We’ll take the time to talk with you about traffic flow, weather issues, and other factors that can impact the decision. We can help you make a cost-efficient choice – while still meeting your project specifications. Here are the basic pavement marking options we can help you choose between:

Paint – Standard paint is the simplest, most economic material and is best used in areas with minimal traffic, like rural highways or quiet residential streets.

Epoxy – Epoxy can withstand more wear-and-tear than standard paint. Once the epoxy is applied, various beads can be applied to increase the road surface’s reflectivity. This improves visibility in dark or rainy conditions, reducing the risk of accidents. Epoxy is suitable for intersection markings, long lines, and other uses.

Other Permanent Pavement Marking Options

There are several different options to choose between when selecting materials for permanent While paint and epoxy are commonly used, they aren’t the only options. Other possibilities include:

MMA – MMA stands for “methyl methacrylate.” MMA is especially useful for long line markings and intersection markings where bright, vivid colors are needed. Plus, MMA is durable enough to outlast Colorado’s harsh winter weather.

Preformed Plastic and preformed thermoplastic – Bright and rugged, preformed plastic has two advantages: it’s highly reflective for good visibility, and it tolerates poor weather conditions well. Preformed plastic markings can be used for crosswalks, turn arrows, and other common intersection markings.

Depending on the project, we can also use eco-friendly or “green” paint options to reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

To learn more or get a free estimate, please contact us online or call our team of permanent pavement marking experts at (303) 495-5950.