Temporary Pavement
Painting & Markings

Temporary Pavement
Painting & Markings

American Striping offers temporary pavement markings that act as the perfect placeholders for redirecting the flow of traffic during road construction projects. All of our temporary markings are of the highest quality and can be easily removed or replaced by permanent road markings post-construction. We offer free consultations so that, whether you choose paint or epoxy, you’ll have the confidence that you’re making an informed, economical decision.

Temporary Pavement Markings for Construction Zones

Construction and other types of temporary pavement marking applications depend on a fast turnaround and the ability to be replaced by permanent markings in the future. For this reason, there is a specific way that markings must be laid depending on the surface and application.

We understand your needs may come at a moment’s notice. With over 70 years of experience and knowledge specific to Colorado’s construction industry, we can ensure that we will work with your scheduling team to get in and out ASAP. Our temporary marking solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime and ensure safety.

Paint, Epoxy, and Pedestrian Markings for Roads and Highways

For temporary road marking applications, paint and epoxy are very effective. Variables include factors such as traffic and weather. We supply temporary marking products that can be efficient in warmer months or stand up to colder temperatures and high-traffic environments.

As an added bonus, we use a water-based paint, which is more environmentally friendly than acetone or other options that are typically available. Paint might be the right option for your project if:

  • You have a spring or summer project with mild weather
  • The area receives a light traffic flow
  • The roadwork project will be completed, and the permanent markings will be applied, in the near future

Epoxy is a tougher, more durable option than standard paint. While epoxy isn’t necessary for every project, it might be the better choice if:

  • You have a fall or winter project with harsher weather conditions
  • The area receives heavy traffic

To learn more or get a free estimate, please contact us online or call our team of temporary pavement marking experts at (303) 495-5950.