Parking Lot Striping
& Painting Removal

Parking Lot Striping
& Painting Removal

American Striping provides parking lot stripe and line removal services for commercial, residential, and government properties. Our striping and painting removal services are available throughout Colorado and the neighboring states.

Types of businesses and organizations we serve include airports, military bases, schools and colleges, bars and restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, construction companies, and more. From small parking lots owned by local family businesses, to complex large-scale jobs for national companies, we have the industry experience, the state-of-the-art equipment, and the regulatory knowledge to get the job done right.

Parking Lot Striping and Line Removal Service in Colorado

There are several reasons the removal of parking lot markings can become necessary:

• As years pass, multiple lines can layer over one another, sending confusing messages to motorists and pedestrians. This increases the risk of an accident, exposing you to potential liability if someone is injured on the premises.

• In other cases, factors like traffic, weather, and snow plow contact cause the existing lines to become chipped, flecked, discolored, or otherwise damaged. This creates an unsightly, run-down appearance that discourages customers from checking out your business. By restoring your parking lot to its bright, fresh, original state, you make your business more inviting to potential customers.

• If the parking lot’s original markings do not comply with the ADA or other regulations, they may need to be removed and redone to meet the appropriate standards.

We use a variety of techniques to remove even the most stubborn lines, stripes, and other markings from parking lots of all sizes. Depending on case-by-case specifications, possible options include using mechanical grinding trucks, water-based hydro blasting equipment, or sand blasting equipment.

The finished result? A safer, more attractive parking lot that complies with the law while increasing the overall efficiency and organization of your space.

No matter how big or small your parking lot paint removal project is, look to American Striping for a convenient, cost-efficient, customer-oriented approach to doing business. Let us handle eliminating unsightly or unwanted marks from your property, so that your business can shine like new again.

Let American Striping eliminate any unsightly or unwanted marks from your property, so that your business can shine again. Contact us online for a free estimate, or call us at (303) 495-5950.