Signs, Stands, Posts &
Channelizer Installation

Signs, Stands, Posts &
Channelizer Installation

Traffic signs communicate crucial information to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Channelizers and post delineators also serve important purposes: they can be used to lessen the impact of car accidents, discourage entry into unauthorized areas, and clearly separate traffic lanes while road maintenance or repainting is underway. American Striping sells and installs a wide range of traffic signs, traffic stands, sign posts, and channelizers to help make your road construction or pavement marking project proceed smoothly and successfully at the lowest possible cost.

We provide equipment and installation services for roadwork projects throughout Colorado, from small repairs on local roads to major highway expansion efforts. No matter what type of sign, stand, or post you are looking for, we can help you find and install it .

Traffic Sign, Post, and Channelizer Installation Company in Colorado

Proudly serving airports, military bases, and state and local government agencies, including the Department of Transportation (DOT), American Striping is ready to provide the full range of channelizer products, specialty traffic signs, and sign posts to fit your budget and needs. We can handle every step of the process, from determining what sort of products are most cost-effective for your project, to delivering and installing the product, to managing any compliance or documentation-related requirements that must be completed. Our installation process is fast and efficient, ensuring that you are ready to meet any deadline or time limit.

We can order and install a broad selection of signs, stands, posts, channelizers, and related products to help safely manage and organize the flow of traffic. Our products help any airport, military base, or road construction project maintain order and safety. By absorbing impact, products like flexible sign posts lessen injury and property damage while helping drivers, workers, and pedestrians avoid danger. Other types of products we offer include:

  • Channelizer Post Stands
  • Delineator Posts (HDPE, Polyethylene, Polyurethane)
  • Flexible Sign Posts
  • Parking Lot Signs
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs
  • Sign Brackets
  • Stop Signs

We are industry veterans who are well-equipped for any job on any budget, long-term or short-term, large or small. To get a free estimate on your project today, contact American Striping online, or call us at 303-495-5950 .

To get a free estimate on our services in Colorado, contact American Striping online, or call today at (303) 495-5950.