ASC Purchases Second Stripe Hog Pavement & Rubber Removal Water Blasting System


American Striping Company continues to grow with the acquisition of a second Stripe Hog SK 12.0 (SK8000)

The Stripe Hog is a water blasting and recovery system designed for either asphalt or concrete airfields and roadways for paint and thermoplastic removal, surface preparation, road retexturing, hydraulic spill cleanup, and removal of rubber deposits from airport runways.

For airports and runways, where quick, reliable maintenance is a key to not disrupting takeoffs and landings, these Stripe Hogs can complete rapid cleaning and rejuvenation of runway centerline marking retro-reflectivity dramatically reducing the frequency of centerline painting. Their simultaneous vacuum recovery allows for immediate emergency landings during the removal process; the Stripe Hog will shut down and vacate the runway in under 1 minute. Essential state-of-the-art equipment for runway retexturing in extremely hot climates where friction is lost because of asphalt bleeding and in climates with heavy snow and ice where snow removal brooms polish the surface of the runway. 

For highways, the Stripe Hogs provide rapid removal of single, continuous lines, simultaneous removal of parallel markings, and cleaning and rejuvenation of the retro-reflectivity of thermoplastic and cold plastic markings. The Stripe Hogs can remove thermoplastic at 6,500 linear feet per hour (1,981 linear meter/hr) and the simultaneous vacuum recovery allows for the application of new markings in 20 minutes.

American Striping Company is excited to continue its tradition of bringing quick and competent work to its customers with the addition of another Stripe Hog SK8000 to its fleet of top-of-the-line equipment. Call 303-495-5950 or fill out the contact form on our website for a free estimate.