Huge Career Change Finds Harvey Earning Her Stripes


It’s a pretty safe bet that Alejandra Harvey is the only contractor around who has studied pre-med and holds a Masters Degree in Hospital Administration. She’s also a member of the Under 40 in Construction Equipment Class of 2018.

Harvey, 32, is president and CEO of American Striping Co. in Englewood, Colorado. In a journey that started just two years ago, she has taken her company from seven employees and $400,000 in revenue to 22 employees and $4 million in revenue.

In addition to business acumen, she’s brought soft skills with her from her hospital career that have allowed her to maintain a hard focus on the quality, well being, and personal growth of her employees. The result has been a highly skilled, proud, and dedicated crew.

“I think the ultimate is to surround yourself with the right people,” Harvey says. “I think I have an incredible team that works with me and each other every day. I may not know everything about striping, but I understand business. And I do my best to try and understand people. I really think that’s what it comes down to no matter what industry you’re in, is how can I make this a great culture and a great place to work? The rest comes.”

Harvey’s path from hospitals to contracting was far from choreographed.

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